[lug] sco stock tanked today...

bill ehlert ehlert_b at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 27 03:53:22 MDT 2003

**  saw this on the pplug list

...after IBM filed a counter-claim against them 
for violating IBM's

If SCO can negate the GPL they still have 
violated IBM's
copyrights. If they can't negate it then they 
will be in violation of
a legal copyright license (namely the selling of 
linux runtime
licenses). IBM has them either way. As such, SCOX

has dropped over
$3.00/share, or about 17%. It closed at 14.29 
after opening at 17.02. 

See more about the countersuit:

When the news hit, the stock fell by $3.00 in 
less than a half hour...
Always good to see SCO getting it :-)

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