[lug] WiFi utils

Bryan Field-Elliot bryan_lists at netmeme.org
Sat Sep 27 13:37:58 MDT 2003

I'm using RedHat 9 and am underwhelmed by the support (or maybe just the
documentation) for Wifi...

I roam between three SSID's frequently: My home, my office, and a local
coffee shop (Cafe Soleil actually). I'd like for my configuration to
always be watching for any of these SSID's, and if I roam to a new one,
then automatically connect as well as run DHCP client. This seems pretty
normal to me but I don't see any utilities bundled with RH to do it. Can
anyone give me any pointers? What I'm doing now is manually
reconfiguring ifcfg-eth1 every time I go to a new place, then running
ifdown-eth1 and ifup-eth1.

I've also tried playing with scanning utilities - iwlist and iwspy, but
they never seem to return any access points (though I can connect just
fine if I explicitly configure one in ifcfg-eth1).

Tips pointers etc appreciated,


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