[lug] Speakers still needed...

jjh-blug at vieorhythms.com jjh-blug at vieorhythms.com
Sun Sep 28 21:34:02 MDT 2003

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Riddoch <Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu> writes:

Chris> So once again: anybody got something you want to talk about?
Chris> Hear about?  Let us know!

Or if all else fails we could hold join the Boulder Java Users' group
this month.  They are having John Duncan Davidson speak.  He's the
original author of Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant.

His topic is "Effective Object Orientation".  Its probably not up
everyone's alley.  Its just a suggestion.



 Jeremy Hinegardner                              jeremy at hinegardner.org 

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