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Bill Wimsatt bwimsatt at coraccess.com
Mon Oct 13 13:54:14 MDT 2003

Job: ENG102
Title: Senior Software Developer
Location: Golden Colorado
Type: Perm

The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for developing the
components of a home management system that delivers control for audio
and automation. The candidate must have the interest and ability to
learn about algorithms, practices and protocols that are applied to home
audio and autmation management. The Senior Software Engineer must be a
team player who is a highly productive self-starter. The Senior Software
Engineer will be required to assist in product design, development and

. Some experience with processes, such as inspections, high-level
design, detailed design, unit testing, integration testing, regression
testing, planning, scheduling, estimating, defect tracking, source code
control, project management. 
. Experience with OO design; MVC frameworks is best. 
. Experience with some form of code control, such as CVS, RCS, SCCS,
. Bachelor's Degree (as a minimum) 
. Good English skills

The senior engineer will report to the head of engineering. Initially
the software requirements will be handled by the head of engineering, in
liaison with the Product Marketing Department, and given to the senior
engineer, but with experience the senior engineer will be expected to
take on this role as well, leading the entire product development

Experience Required: BSCS or MSCS and 5+ years developing software
solutions is desirable. The successful candidate must have: advanced
programming skills in C/C++ and/or Java; strong technical skills in
Linux; experience with Internet network protocols; experience with
control systems.

The Senior Software Engineer must be creative and have strong
communication skills, and also be capable of handling aspects of complex
software development in limited computing environments, Linux/Unix
computing environment including requirement definition, design, coding,
and testing and production releases. Experience with distributed
computing, audio system protocols, and MacroMedia Flash are highly

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