[lug] Reverse Audio?

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Tue Oct 14 15:32:07 MDT 2003

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 05:07 pm, David Morris wrote:
> Anyone know how to way to reverse left/right audio channels
> on Linux?  I have a computer whose speakers can't be setup
> properly with the right speaker on the right side because
> the audio cable is about 3 feet too short.

Looks to me like "sweep" might do the trick.  Sweep 
<http://www.metadecks.org/software/sweep/index.html> appears to mostly be an 
audio editor, but they say it is a "live playback tool".  According to this 
old announcement <http://eca.cx/laa/2002/10/0025.html> it can swap channels.


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