[lug] 'we have met the enemy, and he is us'

Scott Herod herod at dimensional.com
Wed Oct 15 09:22:48 MDT 2003

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Peter Hutnick wrote:
> Of course folks are welcome to use Free Software as they see fit.  Good
> luck to Sun with Mad Hatter.  But desktop market share doesn't really
> matter to me much.
> -Peter

I completely agree with Peter.  I'd much rather have primitive/robust than 
full-featured/flaky tools.  The fact that I don't have to fork over a 
bunch of money to MS every year or so is an added benefit.  Vi and man 
are my most important tools, but even KDE managed to break the second with 
the version that shipped with RH 8.

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