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jhswope jack.swope at bpus.konicaminolta.us
Tue Nov 4 09:57:54 MST 2003

I agree that this is an interesting development.  We have been looking 
at Suse Open Exchange Server for our development office (Approx 40 
people) as an excellent alternative to MS Exchange.  This raises the 
1. What will the support model become?
2. How is Novell going to change the structure (pricing, licensing, 
etc.) of Suse?

Gary Hodges wrote:
> Jeffrey Brown wrote:
>> Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading Enterprise Linux
>> Technology Company SUSE LINUX
> Well, what the hell am I to think about this?  Here I am right on the 
> cusp of getting everyone in my group behind SuSE because of their good 
> distribution and business model that is well suited to our group.
> I'm just blindsided in a sense.  At the distribution meeting I wanted to 
> make sure SuSE was not going to change their business model.  Repeatedly 
> I was told that SuSE is a private company with no plans to go public. 
> Now there are public since Novell is a public company.  OK, I'm not 
> beating on anyone there because how could any of us have known about 
> this deal.  But man, am I going to get everyone in my group on board and 
> then in Jan 04 is there going to be an enterprise line?
> We are a small outfit.  We've gone from Red Hat to KRUD and are moving 
> to SuSE all in the span of about four months.  We just want something 
> that will be there, in a stable sense, for a long time.  Like I said, we 
> are a small group and this is all bugging us, and by us I mean me, and I 
> can only imagine what a large organization might be dealing with.
> Gary
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