[lug] ISOs from burned CDs?

Richard H. Fifarek rfifarek at fifarek.net
Wed Nov 5 12:39:57 MST 2003

	"dd if=/dev/cdrom of=./file.iso" has always worked great for me :)

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, The Matt wrote:

> OK, folks, this is an odd question, but one which went through my mind. 
> Now that Fedora is out, I am currently starting to suck down the ISOs
> which I will then burn to CD.
> But, that got me thinking, is there a way to reverse that process?  That
> is, take my Yarrow-1 CD and get the ISO from it?  I assume it'd be some
> mkisofs command on the mounted CD-R, but I never really thought about
> it.
> Just the wanderings of my mind today.
> Matt

Richard H. Fifarek
rfifarek at fifarek.net

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