[lug] SuSE v9.0 mouse strangeness

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Nov 6 15:30:46 MST 2003

I just got done wrestling with this!  The problem is the linux mouse driver..
http://web.belkin.com/support/faq_qa.asp?pid=190&cid=1 has one possible answer.

If that doesn't help, do a google search on KVM linux mouse erratic to get other solutions.

Gary Hodges wrote:
> A colleague has v9.0 installed and has experienced strange mouse 
> behavior twice now.  She has a wireless trackball that is hooked into 
> one of those boxes that allows two PCs to use one monitor, keyboard and 
> mouse.  This set up worked fine with Red Hat 7.2.  I installed SuSE on 
> her machine two days ago.  She is using KDE.
> When the problem occurs the mouse pointer keeps warping back to the 
> bottom left corner of the screen.  If you try to move the mouse away 
> from the corner it will at some point warp back to the bottom left.  If 
> you keep doing this you end up openning lots of windows.  Its like you 
> might expect would happen if you repeatedly left clicked around the 
> panel and start button while moving the mouse pointer around.  I was 
> never able to move the mouse further than about mid-screen before it 
> would warp back to the lower left.
> If you're careful and go slowly, you can log off.  This "fixes" the 
> problem.
> Cheers,
> Gary
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