[lug] SuSE v9.0 mouse strangeness

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Nov 6 16:09:15 MST 2003

Tis an important step.. Having both gpm and X using the mouse resources doesn't sit well with Belkin KVM's.
I was told by the good folks at 'http://www.kvms.com' that Belkin KVM's have a lot of 'logic' built into them.. 
they are not straight-through connections.. they try very hard to emulate a Microsoft PS/2 mouse regardless of whay 
you have connected... For some reason, some linux mouse drivers can't communicate with the mouse properly.

I ended up sending one of the Belkin KVM's back and getting a NTI KVM.. that is more of a straight-through 
connection.. works like a champ with linux/windows/sun/ and whatever else you want to connect.  It just isn't as 
pretty as the Belkin.

Belkin KVM's, IMHO, are almost solely designed for Windows machines -- regardless of what they say on their 
website.  Also, calling their tech support was like calling someone randomly out of a phonebook for help.. Good 
luck (if it IS a Belkin).


Peter Hutnick wrote:
> Michael Belanger said:
>>I just got done wrestling with this!  The problem is the linux mouse
>>driver.. http://web.belkin.com/support/faq_qa.asp?pid=190&cid=1 has one
>>possible answer.
> The first step suggested on that site is "Close gpm."
> Someone has hopelessly mixed his metaphors.
> -Peter
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