[lug] a rather different view of the rh thing (a bit about sooze also)

Paul E Condon pecondon at peakpeak.com
Sun Nov 9 13:27:50 MST 2003

Well there *is* the URL of the source. He doesn't *say* that the words
are his own. If you look at the page pointed to, you have an easy time
surmising who is the true author. Some might think it is so obvious
that it amounts to attribution. But, it probably is a violation, and
world plus dog would love to believe that Linux people steal stuff, so
please lets all be careful about this.

As to the content of the original work: 

I doubt the existence of 'Linux purists'. I know of Free Software
purists, and I suppose that the author intended to refer to them. Real
Free Software purists probably never expected Red Hat's commitment to
Free Software to last.  Even these idealists have enough business
sense to see the foolishness in "we'll loose money of every sale, but
we'll make it up in volume." 

IMHO, Free Software is truly subversive. It rejects the very idea of a 
business model. Because of its openness, any progress that it makes 
cannot be lost during the collapse of a particular organization.
Eventually the Free Software will be just as good as any commercial
software, and the commercial enterprises will starve. Some people will
mourn the demise of Microsoft, some will gloat, but the future belongs
to the low cost producer.

But I am a bit surprised to see the future arriving so soon.
Just my $.02

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 09:31:27AM -0700, George Sexton wrote:
> You know, posting copyrighted articles verbatim without is pretty much a
> violation of the copyright...
> In general, only short extracts are permitted. Even if the author
> permits copying, not giving attribution (source of document, author) and
> reproducing any copyright notices shouldn't be done. It's their work,
> they should get credit.
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