[lug] a rather different view of the rh thing (a bit about sooze also) \\ abuse re quoting copyrighted article

bill ehlert ehlert_b at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 06:30:56 MST 2003

--- Paul E Condon <pecondon at peakpeak.com> wrote:
> Well there *is* the URL of the source. He
> doesn't *say* that the words
> are his own. If you look at the page pointed
> to, you have an easy time
> surmising who is the true author. Some might
> think it is so obvious
> that it amounts to attribution. But, it
> probably is a violation, and
> world plus dog would love to believe that Linux
> people steal stuff, so
> please lets all be careful about this.
> As to the content of the original work:


**  in the past, when posting a few para-
    graphs (to give a rough idea what the
    article is about and to give people
    just enough to decide whether they want
    to bother following the link) i have
    put the paragraphs in quotes to show
    that i was quoting somebody else.

    this time it occured to me that it
    was so very obvious that i was
    quoting somebody else that i wouldn't
    bother throwing in the  "s.  in
    future i will always bother.

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