[lug] Package woes with RHEL

Jeffrey Brown JABrown at co.jefferson.co.us
Mon Nov 10 08:29:53 MST 2003

Try to install the Fedora RPMS for packages you need. I've sucessfully
upgraded a RHEL box to OpenOffice 1.1 via the Fedora RPMS. I usually
test the package beforehand as it may require other packages a la
# rpm -Uvh --test <pkg_name>. Good luck.

>>> caine at antediluvian.org 11/8/2003 10:27:02 AM >>>

So I guess Gnumeric, amoung other things, doesn't come with RHEL WS 3. 
guess I should have expected a gross initial shortage of packages for
3.0.  For ES, it is probably not as big a deal, but workstations tend
need a lot of extra user apps like this and I'm finding that the main
I'm experience with WS is that in order to install something like
I'd have to either rebuild a Gnumeric package from a source RPM (which
haven't been able to successfully do yet) or do alot of compiling from
for libraries and such that don't have RHEL packages yet and pretty
much break 
the package system, as the RH9 rpms don't seem to work and none exist
RHEL 3.0 yet..  I know some folks have got to be making RHEL rpm
rebuild trees 
for RH9 software somewhere, does anyone have URLs to any of these?


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