[lug] Too long to fix bugs?

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Nov 11 14:57:40 MST 2003

> Terry Branaman wrote:
> |This is a new one. According to Microsoft, they fix bugs as fast as the
> |Linux community, if not faster!
> |
> |http://www.infoworld.com/article/03/11/11/HNmsassault_1.html
> |
> Not sure how that could be now that they only send them out once a month!
> http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,4149,1370687,00.asp

I don't know.  There are three bugs in Fedora that haven't been patched
(that is, every known security hole in Fedora is unpatched).  So, I
guess you could say Micorsoft is easily competing with Fedora.

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