[lug] postgres question

dan radom dan at radom.org
Wed Nov 12 19:40:41 MST 2003

* Hugh Brown (hugh at math.byu.edu) wrote:
> I am doing something that I could swear I've done a number of times.
> As user postgres I create a user and a database.  Then as postgres I run
> GRANT ALL ON DATABASE newdb TO newuser;
> In the past, that has been sufficient to give newuser privileges on
> everything.
> This time when I do it, I find that it hasn't granted me privileges to
> anything.
> newuser connects, tries a select and it fails with a permission denied.
> It seems terribly stupid to have GRANT ALL ON DATABASE do absolutely
> noting except print "GRANT"

pdel -s newdb


will show you the permissions.  grant all on db to user; should get it.


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