[lug] Dual Graphic Card Boot Problem

rm at fabula.de rm at fabula.de
Thu Nov 13 11:01:55 MST 2003

Hello list,

i just found the time to stick a second graphic card (ATI)
into my PowerPC so that i can reuse my old Radius Pivot
fullpage monitor as a second display. Unfortunately linux
decides to choose the Pivot monitor as the place to send
the boot messages -- which doesn't work since the monitor 
doesn't support any of the standard video modes (i intend
to use it only under X).
Is there a way to tell the kernel what graphic card/monitor to
use during bootup? (the main card is an ATI Radeon in the 
AGP slot, so they _should_ be distinguishable by their PCI
bus ID).


  Ralf Mattes

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