[lug] 3D Accel, SuSE v9.0

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 13 14:45:33 MST 2003

Gary Hodges wrote:

> I was playing around with a SuSE v9.0 install yesterday and ran into 
> some video card config issues.  While exploring the system I noticed 
> that the video card and monitor were not detected correctly during the 
> install.  The installed card is a Matrox G450 and it was detected as a 
> Matrox MGA G400 AGP.  Both the monitor and G450 were available choices 
> in the YaST hardware settings and I went ahead and made the changes.
> After making the changes the screen was right shifted a bit.  While 
> going into the YaST tool to fix the screen I also enabled 3D 
> Acceleration.  At that point I got a message box that states all 3D 
> drivers in Linux are experimental.  Since this card worked in 3D with 
> RH 7.2 and with KRUD9 (maybe with some slight issues) I went ahead and 
> enabled 3D Accel.
> After making the changes I was prompted to test the new config.  When 
> I did the machine locked.  I couldn't even ping it, so I hit the reset 
> switch.  3D was still enabled but the screen was still right shifted.  
> I adjusted the screen with the YaST tool, tested the config, and the 
> machine locked again.  OK, I wasn't going to let that get me again, so 
> I went in and just turned off 3D Accel and saved the changes.  After 
> restarting X I found 3D Accel to still be set.  I tried to turn it off 
> a couple more times without luck.
> For kicks I decided to run the Repair System feature on the boot DVD.  
> After going through the tests it said I needed something called (I 
> think it was) Hot Plug.  After agreeing to "fix" the system with this 
> Hot Plug I rebooted the machine.  During the boot process it came to a 
> message about Hot Plug, paused a minute, gave a message about not 
> being able to start it, and then self rebooted the machine.  This 
> repeated a couple times and I finally just reinstalled the OS.
> OK, maybe its because I'm a gluten for punishment, but I really want 
> to try enabling 3D Acceleration again.  If I get into the same issue 
> as before, what file do I edit to turn off 3D Acceleration?   What 
> should I look for in this file? 

I went to the Matrox site and downloaded and installed the beta 
drivers.  Tempting fate I went ahead and enabled 3D Acceleration but 
didn't test the config, just saved it.  The screen savers now zip right 
along, but I still can't play tux racer.  When I go to run tux racer I 
get a black screen with bold red letters in the middle stating that the 
signal frequency is out of range.

Signal frequency is out of range
FH: 28 kHz  FV: 57 Hz
Please change signal timing

FWIW I checked the SuSE supported hardware site and the Matrox G450 is 
listed as fully supported.  From what I can tell the past couple of 
days, its anything but fully supported.  I wonder why it wasn't 
identified during the install?  At this point I guess I'm satisfied as I 
don't really want to play tux racer, I just wanted to use it as a rough 
gauge of how well 3D was working. 


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