[lug] 3D Accel, SuSE v9.0

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Nov 13 17:11:48 MST 2003

> OK, maybe its because I'm a gluten for punishment, but I really want to 
> try enabling 3D Acceleration again.  If I get into the same issue as 
> before, what file do I edit to turn off 3D Acceleration?   What should I 
> look for in this file?
> Cheers,
> Gary

Not sure about SuSE 9, but on redhat 8 and 9, enabling 3d accel (to play
armagetron, tuxracer,etc. ) was a matter of making sure the dri and glx
modules were loaded in XF86Config.  I also had one machine require that
I drop down to 16bpp from 24.

I would suspect that commenting out

 Load "dri" 

line in your XF86Config in the Module Section would do the trick.


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