[lug] list postings and xauth

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 14 08:51:01 MST 2003

I've sent two identical emails to lug and they haven't come through.  
One yesterday and one this morning.  I checked the archives and they 
aren't there.  My SENT folder says they were sent.  We'll see what 
happens with this one which is on a different subject that the previous two.

I've found on a SuSE v9.0 install if I su I can't run X applications.  
To run them I have to login as root with sux.  This is different than 
RH.  I'm curious if one way is more secure than the other or if it is 
just a difference of philosophy between to two distros.  Googling around 
it looks like I could use xauth to make things RH like.  Would xauth be 
the preferred method?  I've read the man page a couple of times but it 
is not clear to me what I should do.  In addition to the syntax, would I 
need to run xauth as root or as a regular user?


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