[lug] ssh/scp hanging

Michael Wegener mwegener at knowledgefactor.com
Mon Dec 8 14:51:41 MST 2003

I'm building a develpment server on RH9 and am having trouble getting files
to it. I can ssh out fine, and I can ssh in fine, but only using PuTTY. If I
try command line ssh/scp (using various switches and logins) it just hangs.
ssh -v doesn't help at all: it just says ssh was called and then stops
forever. Since this is a new installation, I tried generating an rsa keyset,
but I don't remember ever needing to do that before?

Any ideas?



Michael Wegener, Director of Technology

Knowledge Factor

Information into Advantage

303-748-8313 Mobile

mwegener at knowledgefactor.net


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