[lug] Linux for my Dad?

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 11 09:02:17 MST 2003

John Dollison wrote:

>My father is looking to replace a VERY old computer with a newer model, but
>doesn't want to spend much money on it, since he only uses it for solitaire,
>e-mail, and occasional web-surfing (at 56K).  He's been looking at the
>WalMart computers ($200 - $400) that come with your choice of Lycoris or
>Lindows.  I have no experience with either.  Dad's not a computer geek like
>me, he just wants to plug it in and use it, without worrying about
>configuring much of anything.  He lives out of state, so I can't help him
>much if he gets stuck.
>Does anyone out there have any experience with Lycoris or Lindows, or
>Wal-Mart PC's in general?  Or should I just mail him a Windoze Millenium CD,
>and walk him through an install of that?  It seems that Wal-Mart has been
>selling Linux PC's for well over a year now, so maybe it's really working
>for the Average Joe?
Coincidentally enough, I bought a Wal*Mart Lindows machine for my 
father.  This was earlier this year and was a 1.1 Duron for $199.00 + 
shipping.  His use is almost exactly the same as your father, but I 
would never be able to walk my pop through an OS install.  He is mid 
80's and it is pulling teeth to get him to branch out with a PC.  He is 
still "talking" about maybe opening a browser one of these days.  Just 
email and Solitaire for him.

On the computer...  I was very pleased with the PC itself considering 
the price.  The case was cheesy but it had a GigaByte MB that came with 
the full retail manual.  I never really considered keeping Lindows as 
the OS, and just installed Win98.  The motherboard CD had all the 
Windows drivers and the install went very smoothly.  The on board NIC 
was cooked during a thunderstorm this summer, but other than that is has 
been running fine.  I give it two thumbs up for the price and GigaByte 
MB.  I guess there is no guarantee of getting a name brand motherboard, 
but at least you know there is chance of getting one.  I should add that 
it is a bit noisier than the average PC, but for $199 you can't get 


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