[lug] ? create bootable image cd from x.iso file?

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Fri Dec 12 08:55:59 MST 2003

Keener asked:

> How do I create a cd image of the redhat9 iso files I have
> downloaded?
> This is what I have -
> shrike-i386-disc1,2,3 .iso files
> Ahead Nero (cd burning software)

It's been several years since I used Nero (I use Linux CD software now, 
heh) but I remember somewhere in the menus is an option for "ISO 
image".  Rather than dragging and dropping files into the CD layout 
window, you simply choose the ISO image file you want to use.

Note that you DON'T drag and drop the ISO file into the layout-- that 
would give you a CD of an ISO file (and a headache just thinking about 
what that means). :)

ISO images, if you aren't aware, are basically "copies" of an entire 
data CD and can be written with one go-- versus drag-and-drop files, 
which are then converted to an ISO image by the CD writing software 
before being written.


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