[lug] ? create bootable image cd from x.iso file?

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Fri Dec 12 09:03:57 MST 2003

Keener Hall wrote:

> How do I create a cd image of the redhat9 iso files I have downloaded?

If you have indeed downloaded the .iso files, you already have an 
image.  To write them to cd you can use any number of tools, but I 
usually do the following (as root):

cdrecord -v -eject speed=24 dev=1,0,0 your_file.iso

speed should be whatever speed you device writes at and you can get the 
dev parameters by running

cdrecord -scanbus

> I have tried several times and I am missing something basic with this 
> operation. :(
> This is what I have -
> shrike-i386-disc1,2,3 .iso files
> Ahead Nero (cd burning software)
> windows media player (also writes)
> winimage - software that unpacks/unzips/reads iso files

OK, maybe you don't have a Linux install already.  Look for an option in 
Nero to write cd images.  You already have the images so they do not 
need to be created, unpacked or otherwise.


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