[lug] ? create bootable image cd from x.iso file?

Michael Wegener mwegener at knowledgefactor.com
Fri Dec 12 09:00:56 MST 2003

I just did this the other day w/ Nero -- if "Nero Express" comes up (the
wizard interface), just click on the Nero Burning button at the bottom which
gets you the Explorer-like two pane interface. Then it's just "File->Burn
Image" and browse to the .iso image files

Have fun,

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  I want to get started with Linux but have run into some trouble that is
keeping me from getting out of the gate.  Although this is not a pure linux
question, perhaps you can give me some advise.

  How do I create a cd image of the redhat9 iso files I have downloaded?

  I have tried several times and I am missing something basic with this
operation. :(

  This is what I have -
  shrike-i386-disc1,2,3 .iso files
  Ahead Nero (cd burning software)
  windows media player (also writes)
  winimage - software that unpacks/unzips/reads iso files

  Your comments are appreciated.

  Keener Hall

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