[lug] Bad fstab on RH9

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Fri Dec 12 14:41:34 MST 2003

So, I get home from work yesterday and resume my system. No video and

the num-lock and scroll-lock lights are blinking at me.  I did a hard reset.

It comes up to the dreaded "bad superblock" message that suggests trying 
"e2fsck -b 8193".

After much head scratching I replaced the /etc/fstab that only mentioned 
my CDROM and floppy drives with an fstab.RPMSAVE that looked right.  Now 
everything is coming up roses.

I tried to submit a bug report, but RH seems to be actively discouraging 
use of bugzilla.  (Hard to find a link, have to make a login.  Unclear 
(at least until you login) how it is divided by product.)

Anyway, just a few notes of non-obvious things I observed that someone 
might benefit from.

1. As mentioned, if the root fs is okay, but on boot RH gripes of a bad 
superblock it is probably your fstab.
2. The message encourages you to try "e2fsck -b 8193", but you probably 
want "e2fsck -b 32768".  This is explained in the man page, but the man 
page is hard to get to in recovery mode :-(
3. I suspect some RPM did this to me.  Beware.  I use freshrpms pretty 
extensively . . . not that I am pointing any fingers.

My questions are:

1. Would a bogus fstab cause a resume from "apm -s" to fail?  If not can 
anyone offer any explanation?
2. If anyone a. agrees that this message is a bug and b. has an "in" at 
RH, could you get this in the system?
3. Does anyone know of a way to go back and audit recent RPM installs to 
try to figure out who the culprit is?

Sorry for the long message.  Hopefully it will save someone a long 
night, though ;-)


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