[lug] Advice on writing a config file (probably XML)

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Sun Dec 14 06:55:25 MST 2003

On Sat, 2003-12-13 at 20:49, Jon Bowman wrote:
> Hi I'm looking for some advice. I'm writing a Gnome application
> to 
> handle wireless profiles. Anyway I need to keep track of the
> profiles,
> data in the profile for example would include
> ESSID, WEP KEY, Network Device amongst some others
> Anyway I assume XML is probably the cleanest way to write a
> config
> file. Never having done this before or used XML does anyone have
> any
> recommendation / pointers to get me started. The application is
> written
> in C so are there any libraries / functions I can make use of ?
> Any help , advise and pointers or just personal experience would
> be
> appreciated.

Hi Jon,

I'm more of a C++ type, so I've used both Xerces-C++:


and libxml++


They're both about equally easy to get started using.  From the
examples, you should be able to add some simple XML parsing to your code
in a day or two.

If you wish to stick with C, then theres libxml2 which is part of the
Gnome project:


and is used pretty extensively within Gnome.

Good luck with your XML (en|de)coding!


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