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Wed Jan 14 14:14:30 MST 2004

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 02:04:31PM -0700, The Matt wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 12:50, rm at fabula.de wrote:
> > Slightly OT:
> > 
> >  I'm writing a LaTeX Document (using the KOMA-Script class)
> >  and try to include a table of content. I use the standard
> >  \tableofcontents command that allway worked so far but all
> >  a sudden the TOC doesn't make it into the document (the
> >  'Content' heading actually shows up on the page).
> >  My first guess was that the *.toc file doesn't get genrated
> >  or is empty but that's not the case. The file is there and
> >  has all the right entries.
> > 
> >  Any ideas about what could be the cause of this?
> Well, the thing I usually do is to comment out everything from
> \tableofcontents to \begin{document}, bring them back one-by-one and see
> if there is a conflict.  

Ahh, reminds me of debugging system extensions on Mac OS7 ;-)

> *Old* versions of fancybox have done this
> before according to a web search:
> % Problem FancyBox 1.0 <-> LaTeX 2e with the \fancyput macro
> % The following line solve several problems in `fancybox' macros,
> % but has the bad side effect to inhibit the table of contents generation.
> % If you really need the TOC, try to comment next line and to recompile.
> \newcount\c at tocdepth

And bingo! Yes, i do use fancybox in one of my macros. Changing the
above mentioned line does solve the problem!

> See if fancybox.sty is around 1997. If that's not it...I'm stumped
> (other than latex like 5 times and see if it works finally).

Probably rebooting helps too ;-)
(La)TeX is the one place i get completly stuck every once in a while
whithout a clue. Not that i won't run into problems with other
languages, but there i at least know how to approach them and how to
start debuggig. Even more mystifying, there seems to be no corelation
between seriousness of the problem and compexity of the code. Magic ...

 Thanks so much, saved my evening  


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