[lug] recovering sudo w/o root

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Wed Jan 14 16:05:09 MST 2004

David Morris wrote:
> One note:  I HIGHLY recommend that someone knows the root
> password to any system.  If there is a boot problem that
> requires the system to be fixed in single-user mode before
> it can boot properly, you must have the root password.

Get some index cards and envelopes.  Write the system name and 
root password on the index card.  If you do not trust your 
environment, put it in the envelope, seal it and toss it into the 
boss's desk/safe/whatever.  Not casually encountered, but 
available if necessary.

If you trust your environment, tape the envelope to the inside of 
the case.  Slip the index card into the envelope.  Always 
available in a known place.

There's also a strategy to split the difference - put the index 
card in the envelope, seal it, and then tape it in the case.  Sign 
across the flap to detect somebody sneaking a peek.

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