[lug] any geforce4 ti series experience?

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 15 15:45:57 MST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 15:05, D. Stimits wrote:
> The Matt wrote:
> > I'm guessing it should work.  The GeForce Ti series was for a while the
> > best card for Linux (if you didn't mind the nvidia drivers).  I've never
> > had a bad experience with 4200's.
> >
> > My main guess would be power, as the 4400 was just at the edge of the
> > floppy-cable cards, if I remember.
> >
> This particular case/power supply/motherboard combo is capable of 
> powering some of the Wildcat cards...way beyond what a 4400 ti would 
> require. But this does help to know that the ti 4400 *should* work. I 
> can't find many AGP 4x ti 4400's, maybe it is time to look for 4200's 
> (well, hard to find for a price I can pay). In any case I am going to 
> avoid the LeadTek ti cards.

At the moment, I think the 5200 might the one to get if you go retail. 
The 4200 has reached a point of scarcity in the new market:


As such, the 4200 is around $100, while the 5200 is at about $70.  Now
used, 4200s might be more available, but a quick grep of eBay shows most
of those at $50-60.

BUT, the 5200 is a floppy-cable card I think.  So, make sure you can do

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