[lug] any geforce4 ti series experience?

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 16 08:35:04 MST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 23:24, Nate Duehr wrote:
> I'm WAY out of touch with video cards, but I'm pretty sure the card I 
> put in the Athlon machine I built earlier this year for home was a 
> GeForce 5200 and 4X.  I have no idea what this "floppy-cable" card 
> stuff is, but there's no cables coming off of this card going 
> anywhere...?

Well, maybe the 5200 is low-end enough.  What I call "floppy-cable"
cards are the high-end ones (say GeForce 5900 or ATI 9800) that require
extra power because the AGP power spec is way under what an uber-card

When the Radeon 9700 (and maybe the Ti4600) came out, it included an
adapter to supply the extra power.  The adapter was for a floppy power
cable or a molex four-pin.  I always used a floppy since there was
always one around (my power supply wasn't that great).  Now, however, I
don't think you use floppy power cables anymore.  The FX5900 has a molex
four-pin connector:


And I think ATI is using them as well.  This is pretty good since most
new power supplies come with 7,8 molex it seems.  I know the 9600, 5600,
9800, 9700, 4600, and 5900 all use the extra power cable.  But, the 5200
is probably low power enough not to need it.

But, you know immediately if you forget to supply the extra power.  The
card runs at like VGA/CGA type speeds (or so it seems).  It's quite
annoying the first time you forget.

Sorry for my terminology,

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