[lug] MythTV [WAS: any geforce4 ti series experience]

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 16 12:08:46 MST 2004

Michael J. Hammel wrote:

>I've done it from source.  In fact, I've built a Kickstart server to
>build these systems.  My goal is to build (for high end home-theater
>type customers) custom high-end servers running the MythTV backend that
>will work with "lightweight" custom MythTV frontends built using
>MiniMyth (bootable MythTV frontend) running on a Mini-ITX based system. 
>Hardware decoding on the backend with WinTV PVR 250 and hardware
>decoding on the front end with the mITX.
>The backend server portion is running using a custom kernel (to fix a
>minor bug) and even supports a frontend on the same system using the IR
>from the WinTV PVR 250.  Pretty nifty.  But I haven't started on the
>front end, Mini-ITX box yet, though I have a case (a Indian style box
>that has a British Colonial look) and the mITX board and external power
>supply.  I just need time to put it all together.
This sounds really slick.

>Those RPMs are nice but don't support a few items, which is why I roll
>my own.  Off the top of my head I can't remember what all those things
>are, but I do remember the kernel needed a hack to get proper (re:
>complete) ivtv support for the WinTV PVR 250.  It's a real minor hack,
>though (if I could just remember exactly what it was...).
I've had to rebuild mplayer from the ATrpms SRPMs in order to add 
support for XvMC and optimize for my processor.  I'm running the ATrpms 
kernel, which is basically a RH kernel with v4l2 and lirc patches and a 
few other tidbits.  Even without the mplayer recompile, ivtv (PVR250) 
works completely (or seemingly so), including the IR remote.

For those who don't require a RYO solution, a very up-to-date HOWTO can 
be found at http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/

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