[lug] Cheap, solid backup ISP

Phil Rasch pjr at phaedrus.cgd.ucar.edu
Sat Jan 17 12:33:24 MST 2004

My broadband connection is flakey right now and I want to sign up for
a "backup" dialup ISP to keep me going till things settle down. An
added (but not critical) benefit would be to also allow access
nationally when I or my wife are on the road and need a connection.

Has anybody got a recommendation of a cheap provider (like about
$5/month) that will provide smooth easy access no more than 10

I have been looking at access4less.com. Is there something better?

I can envision months going by without needing it, but
then there are those bad times...........

I am hoping for something that doesnt require windows dialers with
popup adds etc. I dont need email, or webhosting or anything like
that. Just a solid ppp connection, that doesnt restrict my use of the



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