[lug] Cheap, solid backup ISP

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Sat Jan 17 12:57:26 MST 2004

Phil Rasch writes:
> Has anybody got a recommendation of a cheap provider (like about
> $5/month) that will provide smooth easy access no more than 10
> hours/month?  

I use indra.com for $5/month although my ISP never goes down so I've
never used it.  I also pay Earthlink something like $10/month for when
I'm on the road, but I'm using that less and less.  I like indra,
because I can ssh into their boxes to test out DNS issues and such.

> I am hoping for something that doesnt require windows dialers with
> popup adds etc. I dont need email, or webhosting or anything like
> that. Just a solid ppp connection, that doesnt restrict my use of the
> connection.

Indra and Earthlink work fine with my Linux laptop.  Simple ppp


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