[lug] Keyboard won't work until unplugged and replugged

P. Scott DeVos scott at savingtree.com
Sat Jan 17 16:31:01 MST 2004

I have had this problem twice (once with K12LTSP 7.3 and once with KRUD 
9) with PS/2 keyboards. In my case, the keyboard worked fine during 
boot-up, but sometime late in the boot-up it stopped working (I never 
tried unplugging and replugging like you did).  I never chased down the 
problem, but in both cases a reinstall fixed the problem.

davey wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie to linux and this list, but worked with Unix some years 
> ago, and with pc's since 1984. I have just installed Fedora core-1 on an 
> old 500 Mhz PC that has the large keyboard connector.  Fedora boots up 
> fine, but the keyboard won't work until I unplug it and plug it in 
> again, then I can type just fine.  Never had this problem with Windows 
> on the same machine, and it's too consistent to be a loose connection.  
> Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

P. Scott DeVos

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