[lug] outgoing port 220 exploit?

Frank Rehberger Frank.Rehberger at web.de
Sun Jan 18 16:33:57 MST 2004

>>Well, netstat seems to work only for existing tcp connects, or if it
>>is run right at the instant of a connect attempt. What I have here is
>>a period failed connect to outside port 220, it is blocked both on the
>>local machine and on the bridge firewall, so it never gets beyond a
>>SYN packet. I'm thinking what I need is a tcpdump. Only I'm having a
>>problem with the tcpdump syntax. Can anyone tell me the syntax to use
>>tcpdump to continuously dump info of any port 220 destination packets?
>>And is there a way to give source application info the way netstat
>>does with the -lenp argument?
my first contribution to [lug] :)

tcpdump -e -a -i eth0 port 220

Hope this helps,
Regards, Frank

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