[lug] Changing LaTeX labeling of Figures and Tables

Arlan Ramsay ramsay at euclid.Colorado.EDU
Wed Jan 21 11:35:35 MST 2004

Personal opinion:

1. Difficulties like this are hard to avoid with so much automation. I
only use the packages under duress.  For a geometry book with a friend,
published by Springer, my son had to labor long and hard to get figures to
appear where we wanted them, and we ended up replacing many of the
Springer macros. Incidentally, they agreed to allow it, since the bottom
line for them was having the book look okay.  I wish journals would be
equally tolerant.

2. All versions of TeX are so hard to program for any behavior that is at
all complicated, that it might be worth the effort to write a new utility
to process/compile the TeX, LaTeX, etc., files, and allow the user to get
hold of some of the knobs.  There are way too many side effects with what
we have now.  I claim it is an unintended consequence of trying too hard
to automate.

Arlan Ramsay

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, J. Wayde Allen wrote:

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> Subject: [lug] Changing LaTeX labeling of Figures and Tables
> Anyone know how to change the punctuation used by LaTeX when labeling
> figures and tables?  The default article style seems to be:
>    Figure 1:  Caption
> However, to comply with an specific publication style I need to change
> this to:
>    Figure 1. Caption
> Any ideas?
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