Inaccurate subject: Re: [lug] GROKLAW- SCO Drops Linux Claims

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Tue Feb 10 14:40:36 MST 2004

Crawford Rainwater <crawford.rainwater at> writes:
>>From the Atlanta LUG.
>>    8. GROKLAW- SCO Drops Linux Claims (Van L. Loggins)

Okay, someone needs to set the record straight, so I might as well.
This makes it look as though Groklaw has a story with the headline
"SCO Drops Linux Claims," which is false.

This story's actual headline is "SCO Drops Trade Secret Claim and
Shows No "Infringing" Linux Code So Far: Eyewitness Account"

They've made so many claims and so many outright lies to the media
that tossing the trade secret claim alone doesn't have much
significance, in the whole mess of it all.

The four-word summary gives you *exactly* the wrong impression.  It
isn't over until SCO has completely run out of money and friends and
is forced to close up shop.  This hasn't happened yet.

In the future, Crawford, could you try to check the accuracy of things
you forward, and provide a little more than just a link?  The briefest
summaries will almost always be deceptively inaccurate.


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