Inaccurate subject: Re: [lug] GROKLAW- SCO Drops Linux Claims

Nate Duehr nate at
Tue Feb 10 15:37:37 MST 2004

On Feb 10, 2004, at 2:40 PM, Chris Riddoch wrote:
> In the future, Crawford, could you try to check the accuracy of things
> you forward, and provide a little more than just a link?  The briefest
> summaries will almost always be deceptively inaccurate.

Heh, even the "professional journalists" don't seem to do that much 
these days.

Crawford has a future in headline writing!  ;-)

Seriously though, thanks for posting the story -- I have a friend who's 
a Groklaw junkie, but I can't afford to spend as much time there as he 
does.  The heads up (even if a little optimistic) was appreciated!  
It's entertaining to watch SCO start to squirm.

Nate Duehr, nate at

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