[lug] Graph Drawing Software

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Wed Feb 11 00:37:29 MST 2004

>>>>> "Zichary" == Zichary O Tea <Zichary> writes:

Zichary> I'm looking for something that will draw Graphs -- the edges
Zichary> and vertices variety, not bar graphs or anything.

Zichary> It would be very nice if I could get feed it soem lines
Zichary> describing edges a vertices and have it do some hip pretty
Zichary> printing and have that be that.

It's not free as in speech, but I do believe it's free as in beer:


A search on google for "graph drawing" came up with some good hits:


There was a "visualization toolkit" that was quasi-open-source, a few
years back...  Googling for that gives me:

   http://public.kitware.com/ -> http://www.vtk.org/

Ah, here it is.  It was the Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling:


And it's under the GPL.  Bonus!

Good luck,

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