[lug] EETimes Article

BOF bof at pcisys.net
Wed Feb 11 05:29:58 MST 2004

J. Wayde Allen wrote:

>As a community please take a look at the following:
>   http://www.eetimes.com/story/OEG20040202S0075

And if you don't think that smear is bad enough, read who the BBC's 
North American Business Analyst has to blame about the MyDoom virus and 
the SCO DOS attacks. He begins

    The MyDoom virus has triggered a new wave of attacks on company
    websites. It is also looks like a new front in a war waged by those
    who want to preserve the open-source Linux operating system.

and it gets worse from there.

The full articl is at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3457823.stm 

(This was also the topic of a Slashdot posting at


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