[lug] current state of bridging/ebtables

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Thu Feb 12 15:18:52 MST 2004

Dan Ferris writes:
> Doing QOS with tc can be tricky for some things because you have two 
> interfaces to worry about (i.e. eth0 and the bridge interface).  I am 
> speaking from experience here, I tried to make a tc ingress filter on my 
> external ethernet interface and couldn't figure out why it didn't work. 

You may want to look at netequalizer.com (commercial)
bandwidtharbitrator.com (GPL).  Both versions are built on a linux
bridge and work great for traffic shaping including QoS.  Net
Equalizer has a QoS solution for VoIP.  It's plug-n-play, and you only
need one box for a typical installation.  Bandwidth Arbitrator is
ranked 110 on freshmeat, and it is used fairly heavily.


Disclaimer: I'm on the advisory board for Net Equalizer

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