[lug] nonMTA mutt

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Sun Feb 15 14:04:07 MST 2004

Nate Duehr wrote:
> On Feb 14, 2004, at 9:44 AM, Sam Rosenfeld wrote:
>> I have used mutt for some time and would like to resume using it
>> again. Recently, I eliminated my MTA and now rely entirely on
>> Pine/IMAP to handle all my mail via my ISP as mail server.  Can I
>> do the same with mutt (which I much prefer to Pine), and if so,
>> how?
> I looked into using mutt as an IMAP client a while back and did it
> for a while.  I didn't like how it slowed it down, but it did work.
> A quick Google search for "mutt + IMAP" turned up a ton of sites that
>  have information on the topic.  I wouldn't presume to try to help
> since it was a couple of years ago that I did it, and I'm guessing
> that mutt's IMAP support has probably gotten better and could have
> changed in how you configure it, but it appears there's plenty of
> documentation on the topic out there!  :-)

I use mutt as an IMAP client sometimes.  I kinda like it, better than
Pine, and the speed seems good to me.  Here are some of the relevant
lines from my ~/.mutt/muttrc (comments aren't mine, so they might be 
wacky, check the documentation for real explanations).  Note, I use a 
mutt 1.4, no guarantee these are valid with 1.5.

set spoolfile=imaps://myimapserver.colorado.edu/INBOX
set folder=imaps://myimapserver.colorado.edu/mail
set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates

set imap_authenticators=""      # :-separated list of authentication methods
set imap_delim_chars="/."       # list of chars to use as folder separators
set imap_home_namespace=""      # IMAP path to your folders
set imap_keepalive=900  # connect server at least all 30 mins to keep
set imap_list_subscribed        # do no display only subscribed folders.
set imap_passive        # don't open new IMAP to look for new mail when set.
set imap_peek           # avoid implicitly marking mail as read when
set imap_servernoise    # display warnings from IMAP server.
reset imap_user         # IMAP user
reset imap_pass         # IMAP password (don't store it here...)

# In IMAP folders display KByte (because lines are not available):
set index_format="%4C %Z %[!%d.%m.%y] %-15.15F (%?M?C%3M&%4c?) %s"

Now, take all this with a salt lick, but these work for me.  If you 
really are bored, I can send you my muttrc.  It's a nice long one, with 
colors and all in it (I am actually using a Pine-like keymap.  It was my 
first mail client and the keyboard shortcuts stayed with me).

I am a theoretical chemist.  Fear me!
   The Matt -- http://ucsub.colorado.edu/~thompsma/

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