[lug] nonMTA mutt

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Sun Feb 15 17:41:10 MST 2004

Sam Rosenfeld wrote:
>>set spoolfile=imaps://myimapserver.colorado.edu/INBOX
>>set folder=imaps://myimapserver.colorado.edu/mail
>>set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates
> This looks OK, but what command do you use with Mutt?  Or to put it
> another way, how do you get Mutt to read some URL (e.g., boulder.co.us)
> for mail?

Well, the three (well, top two) settings above are the important ones. 
They tell mutt not to use your local mail, but an IMAP server.  I'm 
using SSL here, but I've also set up mutt to work over a SSH tunnel as 
well (I keep that around for mail check utilities).  $spoolfile normally 
reads $MAIL and so will look for your /var/spool default or whatever. 
Set it to a imap[s]:// spool (usually INBOX, but could be different). 
Then, $folder is where you mailboxes are.  Mine are in mail/ on my imap 

Frankly, I just worked off of the canonical mutt+IMAP page:


You set it up like above in ~/.mutt/muttrc (it could also be just 
~/.muttrc), and when you run "mutt", you'll get a username: prompt, then 
a "password", and there you go.  There are settings for remembering 
passwords, hardwiring usernames, and the like.

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