[lug] apache and mod_proxy

Zulaware zulaware at comcast.net
Tue Mar 2 17:18:42 MST 2004

The only method I've been able to get to work reliably is mod_jk. What 
is choking? Previous people here used rewrite rules, with some success 
(see e.g. below), but I never was able to get it to work with the newer 
JDK (1.4.x) and Tomcat (4.1.29). I'm not positive it's the newer 
environment, since these servers are so hacked together it's a miracle 
they still serve pages. Also, beware that Apache 1.3.26 which we use in 
production seems to have mod_proxy built-in and permanently on, since I 
can't turn it off via httpd.conf. Still seems hard to believe, but until 
I can get a dev environment set up (yes, there is none) and clean things 
up, we still serve about 100 random proxy requests per hour even though 
"ProxyRequests off" is in httpd.conf

        RewriteRule     ^(.*\.jsp.*)$   
http://localhost:8080/$1                [P,QSA,NE]



Hugh Brown wrote:

>I have a Suse Standard Server 8 box that I am fighting with.
>I have apache 1.3 that I want to front for tomcat.  mod_jk flopped so I
>am trying to get mod_proxy to work by setting up a reverse proxy. 
>apache and tomcat are running on the same machine
>In my httpd.conf I have the following:
><VirtualHost _default_:*>
>ProxyRequests off
>ProxyPass         /webapp1/  http://localhost:8080/webapp1/
>ProxyPassReverse  /webapp1/  http://localhost:8080/webapp1/
>ProxyPass         /webapp2/  http://localhost:8080/webapp2/
>ProxyPassReverse  /webapp2/  http://localhost:8080/webapp2/
>When I hit the http://webhost/ at port 80, I get the defaults that I
>expect.  When I then go to http://webhost/webapp1/ the URL gets
>rewritten and I get an error.
>Any ideas?
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