[lug] March BLUG Meeting announcement

Chris Riddoch chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org
Mon Mar 8 21:45:29 MST 2004

Where:  Fleming Law, Room 156, on the University of Colorado campus
        A map is at: http://www.colorado.edu/directories/webmap/
        Join us informally first with dinner at the Dark Horse for
        a bite to eat around 5:30 P.M.

When:   7:00 P.M. Thursday, March 11, 2004

Main Speaker: Matt Gushee <mgushee at havenrock dot com>

Talk:   OCaml, Functional Programming for Pragmatists


    Computer scientists have long raved about the benefits of
    functional programming, but until recent years functional
    languages (Lisp, Scheme, ML, etc.) suffered from poor runtime
    performance and a reputation for being "too academic." But no

    Objective Caml (OCaml) is a programming language derived from
    Standard ML. Although it is fundamentally a functional language,
    OCaml also supports imperative and object-oriented programming
    styles. Perhaps most interesting for working programmers, it
    offers both the productivity advantages of a high-level language
    and the ability to compile robust, high-performance executables
    with standard tools. The selection of libraries, while incomplete,
    is growing fast with the help of a lively (and very
    Linux-friendly) developer community.

    This presentation will begin with a brief overview of functional
    programming concepts. We will then discuss OCaml itself: the
    syntax, the tools and libraries, and a sampling of interesting
    techniques. Finally, the presenter will discuss his experience in
    developing a Web graphics toolkit with OCaml, with an eye toward
    evaluating OCaml's suitability

Demo Speaker: Jeremy Hinegardner <jjh at hinegardner dot org>

Demo Talk:  SQLite

Driving Directions:

      * Go west on Baseline and turn right on Broadway.
      * Turn right on Regent Drive.
      * Take the first right that is not a parking lot. This is
        before you get to the pedestrian crosswalk and the
      * Go straight until you get to the parking lot. Parking is
        free after 5:00.  Tennis courts will be to the east.
        You'll be very close to the intersection of Baseline and
      * The building will be directly to the north, enter through
        the door on the left.

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