[lug] DDS-4 tape issue

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 9 16:54:50 MST 2004

George Sexton wrote:

>I was looking at mt this weekend, and it looks like the mt suse ships is
>the one from the GNU CPIO package, and it's pretty old and lacking
>functionality (at least compared to the one shipped with RH 7.2). In my
>particular instance I found that the "load" or "online" isn't supported.
>Additionally, RH 7.2's mt supported a compression on/off ioctl that the
>one with SUSE 9.0 doesn't.
>My thinking is to find where RedHat's MT is from and use it instead of
>the one that SUSE ships.

I had KRUD7.2 installed before SuSE and didn't have this problem. 


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