[lug] procps in rpm format for kernel 2.6.3/RH(KRUD) 9

root scoffin at comcast.net
Wed Mar 10 15:52:03 MST 2004

>> I'm trying to rebuild a bridge and wanted to use KRUD 9 with the 2.6.3
>> kernel. It requires procps version 3.1.13, but the most recent rpm
>> format of procps that I can find is 2.0.17-5 (i386). Has anyone here
>> found an rpm format of procps suitable for use with 2.6.3 kernels? If
>> you run a 2.6 kernel, do you just use tarballs?

AFAIK, there are two different versions of procps, maintained by
two different maintainers.  One is numbered 2.x, and the other is
3.x.  The differences between the two are small, so I would test the
app with the default version before trying to install the other one.
If you need the other version, then you can use the tarball, or better,
build from source for your specific OS and library version.  I think
both versions work fine on 2.6.3 kernels; at least, they both worked
in the 2.5.x pre-releases.  I have not tried the 3.x procps with 2.6.[23].
Of course, if you change, you will no longer be able to use the automated
update procedures for ps-related rpms from redhat/fedora.

				GV Computing
				scoffin at comcast.net

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