[lug] Connection problems from Europe

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Mar 11 09:27:50 MST 2004

My first instinct is that perhaps there was a brief outage that was 
cached -- either DNS or the webserver itself..  Clearing their browser's 
cache may fix it.. Especially if they can get to other sites on the same 


Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Hey all--
> I don't know what to make of this, so I figured I'd post a quick note to 
> the group to see if anyone is experiencing the same problem, or can 
> shed some light on what might be happening.
> I'm running a few web sites out of Boulder, and from where I sit 
> everything looks fine.  However, some users in Europe are unable to 
> access the sites at all.  They can get to other sites in the world, and 
> they can even get to other sites on the *same* server... but it seems 
> like certain IP's are simply not working.
> In particular, a user in England is able to see the site 
> http://test.sketchup.com (  However, he isn't able to 
> see http://www.sketchup.com ( which is running on the 
> same server.
> Another user in the Netherlands has the reverse situation: he can see 
> http://www.sketchup.com but not http://test.sketchup.com.
> Both users can see http://www.bitrelay.net (, which is 
> obviously on the same subnet but a different server.  And neither can 
> see http://www.doublearon.org (, which is on that 
> server as well.  I should point out that both users are network-savvy 
> and are using different ISPs and OSes, so it's unlikely to be user 
> error.
> All in all, there doesn't seem to be a pattern to the madness.  Several 
> other European users have the same problem, but in different 
> combinations.  Note that tests throughout the United States-- from CA 
> to NY-- indicate no problems whatsoever.  It's only these European 
> users having issues.
> I can't help but think there's something odd going on with my firewall 
> (iptables, doing masquerading), but the firewall has been running 
> smoothly for years and hasn't been updated or otherwise changed 
> recently.
> Does anyone have experience with random but consistent network problems 
> like this?  Is there anything I should try in order to eliminate 
> variables?
> TIA,
> Jeff
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