[lug] Connection problems from Europe

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 11 10:22:23 MST 2004

Despite the traceroute failure (which may be misleading), it might be a 
good idea to somehow verify that you're not getting the packets on your 
outside interface before asking WilTel about it.  If you decide to 
inquire at wcg.net, here's a resource to look into first:


It will give you an idea of their bgp routing tables and other info.

Here's some contact info I found:

Company: 	Williams Communications Group LLC <http://www.wcg.com> 


Peering Contact: 	Blake Williams
Peering E-mail: 	blake.williams at wcg.com <mailto:blake.williams at wcg.com>
Peering Number: 	314-595-6152
NOC Email: 	noc at wcg.net <mailto:noc at wcg.net>
NOC Number: 	800-934-8434

Jeff Schroeder wrote:

>John wrote:
>>If so, do you see an echo reply from
>>your server?  If no response, maybe your firewall is losing track of
>>the connection.  Could the conntrack state tables be filling up?
>That's a good theory, but my traceroute (see previous post) seems to 
>indicate a failure farther "upstream".  The firewall is a stripped-down 
>configuration and doesn't have tcpdump, so I can't do the test you're 
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