[lug] Connection problems from Europe

Wagner, Carl Carl.Wagner at Level3.com
Thu Mar 11 10:24:13 MST 2004

I think WCG has redundant routes and one of them is broken.

Can you contact WCG as ask them? If you can get a hold of a 
person you could mail them the traceroute and then they could
check there routers.


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More information from Carl's traceroute suggestion...

Looking at the hostnames of the servers traceroute uses, I can make a 
guess where they are, based on the hostnames:

(This is for the failed route)

 3  p21161.net.upc.nl NETHERLANDS
 4  srp8-0.am00rt01.brain.upc.nl NETHERLANDS
 5  srp0-0.am00rt06.brain.upc.nl NETHERLANDS
 6  nl-ams01a-ra1-so-0-0-3.aorta.net NETHERLANDS - AMSTERDAM
 7  nl-ams01a-rd1-pos-3-0.aorta.net NETHERLANDS - AMSTERDAM
 8  nl-ams02a-rd1-10gige-7-0.aorta.net NETHERLANDS - AMSTERDAM
 9  uk-lon01a-rd2-pos-1-2.aorta.net UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON
10  uk-lon01a-rd1-pos-1-0.aorta.net UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON
11  uk-lon01a-ri1-ge-2-0-0.aorta.net UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON
12  lndnuk1icx1.wcg.net UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON
13  nycmny2wcx2-oc12.wcg.net NEW YORK CITY, NY
14  nycmny2wcx3-oc48.wcg.net NEW YORK CITY, NY
15  chcgil1wcx3-oc48.wcg.net CHICAGO, IL

And the one that works, after crossing the Atlantic, looks like:

13  nycmny2wcx2-pos15-3.wcg.net NEW YORK CITY, NY
14  nycmny2wcx3-oc48.wcg.net NEW YORK CITY, NY
15  brvwil1wcx3-pos11-0.wcg.net BRVW(?), IL
16  brvwil1wcx2-pos9-0-1-a0.wcg.net BRVW(?), IL
17  dnvrco1wcx2-pos10-0.wcg.net DENVER, CO
18  dnvrco1wcx2-yipes-gige.wcg.net DENVER, CO
19 ??
20  boulder-border.rockynet.com BOULDER, CO
21  s0-0-0-boulder-core.rockynet.com BOULDER, CO
22  sta-204-188-101-2.rockynet.com BOULDER, CO

So this looks like maybe the problem is the router in Chicago not 
knowing where to send the traffic.  Is there any way I can verify that?

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